EMB is a Revit-only firm utilizing the latest in BIM technology to add value to all projects regardless of size.  This enables us to provide a higher level of detail to the client, as well as the ability to fully coordinate between engineering disciplines for designs that not only work on paper, but also progress smoothly in the field.  The use of 3D models gives us the foresight to realize issues early in the design and make modifications while changes have less of an impact on the overall project cost.  Our full time BIM manager works with each project to develop customized content and company standards to maintain fluidity through all projects.  EMB's use of BIM is beneficial to all clients, regardless of their design software.

For clients utilizing BIM, we are able to fully coordinate the mechanical design to work within the architectural and structural confines of the building.

For clients not utilizing BIM, we work off of client provided floor plans and sections to coordinate our design throughout the building.