Design Process

Our approach is the same for every project: work closely with the client from assessment through construction to prioritize and meet their needs. Our project development phases focus on providing value at every stage:

Project Initiation

  • The EMB project team is assembled
  • A meeting with the client is initiated to discuss and clarify the project's scope, budget and schedule
  • Sub-consultants are identified and selected when necessary
  • Existing condition documentation is reviewed when relevant
  • Site visits are made to assess existing conditions
  • A detailed work plan is then created

Schematic Design Phase

  • The client’s operational and strategic objectives are assessed and documented
  • System schematics and outline specifications are prepared
  • Schematic estimates of probable construction costs are prepared
  • Outline specifications are prepared

Design Development Phase

  • Design development engineering calculations are made
  • Design development schematics are prepared to identify equipment locations, system distribution routing, systems zoning and project phasing
  • The first draft of technical specifications for systems materials and installation requirements are prepared
  • Design development estimates of probable construction costs are developed
  • Needs assessments are reviewed, schematic design phase needs are confirmed and client design concerns are addressed
  • The team participates in the design development review meeting to review value engineering options, assess systems design, and refine the project schedule
  • Design development plans and technical specifications are prepared for review and approval by the client

Contract Documents

  • Contract documents are prepared for competitive bidding based on approved design development documents
  • Estimates of probable construction costs are prepared based on refinement of project scope


  • Attend pre-bid conferences and walk-throughs with potential contractors
  • Addenda required for clarifications to the bidding documents are submitted
  • Review bids and make recommendations to the client regarding award of contracts


  • Review shop drawing submittals, schedule of values and the contractor's installation schedule
  • Project managers attend scheduled project meetings
  • Team members conduct periodic pre-approved site visits to review work progress and progress payment applications, and verify installation conformance to contract documents

The team conducts final site observation inspection and completion of documentation